We asked Chief Curriculum Lead and New York Instructor, Matt Nolan, what he would consider being the most essential steps to become a stronger runner, all while staying injury-free.

His answer? 

Strength training, and plyometrics. Which is exactly what we do at Barry’s.

Coincidence? We think not!!

According to Matt, “Improved muscular efficiency will lead to fewer injuries and increased stamina.  Plyometrics will help so you can decrease your overall training amount and improve form, balance, and running economy.”

What does that mean? Well, plyometric training involves a series of quick, powerful movements that make the muscles’ extension-contraction sequence rapid and explosive, similar to the demand from a running stride. Additionally, those same muscles can’t fire if they’re weak, hence why strength training is so important.

Furthermore, each time you run, your brain becomes better at recruiting just the right muscle fibers, to keep you moving forward with as little effort as possible. Therefore it’s not enough to put one foot in front of the other, to connect the dots between your strength, agility, you’ve got to put it all together with intentionality and attention to form.

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Published by Barry's in FITNESS on October 28, 2020

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