Fuel Bar Feature: Collagen

Skin is in. And so is collagen. 

Here’s the 4-1-1 on everyone’s favorite topic. 

What is Collagen and Why Do I Need It?

It’s a natural occurring protein found in the human body. It’s in our bones, muscles, skin, and beyond. When it comes to the skin, it’s that special something that keeps our skin strong and elastic, AKA youthful AF. And when it comes to our tendons and joints, it’s what keeps our body held together as a well-oiled machine (so you can Face Yourself and not break yourself). 

As we age, collagen production in our bodies begins to slow down. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, so when its production slows down, you’ll see signs of aging. 

Woman running while holding a Just Water bottle

Person pouring Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides powder into a JUST Water bottle

Collagen Benefits

Collagen is a complex protein containing a long list of amino acids such as the common glutamine, which helps to prevent joint pain. We’re not going to bore you with all of the amino acids that make up a collagen protein, but here’s the low down on what it can do for you:

  • Maintain joint health to maximize training and recovery
  • Keep bones strong so that you can perform your best both inside or outside The Red Room
  • Boost skin firmness and elasticity for a healthy glow and younger-looking skin
  • Promote overall health by nourishing your body with an essential protein that it needs 

Where Do I Find It?

All roads lead to the Red Room… 

The simplest way to take in collagen is via a protein shake from our Fuel Bar.

Person holding a reusable Fuel Bar cup and a packet of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

Barry’s Fuel Bar proudly stocks Vital Proteins, a collagen brand that focuses on sourcing the very best collagen nutrients from pasture-raised cows in Brazil and New Zealand, and fish in Hawaii. They make sure to avoid any rBGH hormones typically injected into dairy cows to produce more milk, and all fish is non-GMO and wild-caught.

If you’re new to collagen, try Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. It’s an odorless and tasteless powder you can easily add into your shake, without affecting its delicious flavor. While you’re at our Fuel Bar, check out other Vital Proteins products including their Beauty Water, Coconut Creamer, and Matcha Collagen. 


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