DTDF? But can’t get a bench? We got you.

Barry’s studios are starting to reopen in accordance to city guidelines. The safety of our FitFam and clients is Barry’s number one priority so your Red Room is operating under a limited capacity, roughly 25% of what you may be used to. Each bench and tread will maintain a 6-foot distance from the next, and you will not share a space. The new layout of the room means Double Floor benches are at an all-time premium. 

Can’t get your bench for class? Don’t sweat it! Here’s how you can show up to the Red Room and make the most of both sides of the room.

Start on the Floor: The beginning of a workout is where the most energy will be used, if possible, start on the floor to prioritize your strength and lifts.

Work to 90% failure on the floor: While maintaining perfect form maximize each set to 90% failure. Whether you’re utilizing load, the mind-muscle connection, tempo, or isometric tension make each rep as technical and perfect as possible. 

Focus on Range of Motion: Decrease frequency or volume in order to take the full range of motion with each rep. Even if you remain consistent with your weights, increasing your range of motion will introduce an element of progression to your drills.

Power Walk: Not a runner? Not a problem. Walking is AWESOME. Walking will contribute to your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which is our greatest opportunity for caloric manipulation. Increasing your NEAT levels will not only increase your caloric expenditure but may help with appetite regulation as well. 

Consider Your Heart Rate: The quality and overall duration of activity matter more than the style. High-intensity interval training is dependent on your heart rate rising and falling back to its resting state. You can absolutely achieve a HIIT workout while walking. A slight incline and including a powerful arm swing will help you get there.

Engage Your Glutes: Depending on your anatomy, your gluteal engagement can increase with an incline so play around with yours, and don’t be afraid to slow your pace to prioritize activation! Get your glutes in the game by rolling from heel to toe, sweeping forward with each step. As you push off the ball of each foot contact your glute from the lower to the upper subdivision. Again – you may have to slow down to direct your attention to the mind/muscle connection.

Get in your steps and don’t forget to set an alarm for next week’s booking window. If you snooze, you’re gonna lose that DF again – but if you do, no worries!

Published by Barry's in FITNESS on July 15, 2020

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