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Chicago, Senior Instructor, Mercedes Owens adopted her pup, Leia, when she was just 4 months old from Dallas Pets Alive, a local rescue in Dallas, TX. Read on for their story.

Senior Instructor, Mercedes Owens, and her dog posing in the street

Leia’s mom was actually the one rescued by DPA. She was pregnant when they rescued her and when her puppies were born they all got Parvo aka “the puppy killer” and had to be sent to the ICU. Miraculously, every puppy recovered from Parvo and so their foster decided to name them after superheroes.

Senior Instructor, Mercedes Owens, in the grass with her dog in her arms

That’s how Leia got her name— Princess Leia. 

Leia is the most loving dog I’ve ever known so we love to go to the park or the beach where she has numerous friends to run around and roll around with. She honestly has friends wherever we go. We also like to run all of our errands together, sometimes I go to hardware stores to get things I could pick up from the grocery store just so she can go inside with me. But if we’re not out running circles or running errands, she, in true pitbull fashion, loves to just snuggle and be held. She literally holds my hand or lays on her back in my lap while I watch TV.

Dog laying in the grass

She LOVES peanut butter and I think she gets that from me. We both have our own jar of peanut butter in the fridge and that’s our go-to snack when we need a little pick me up.

Now, I don’t eat them with her, but the Chicken dog treats from Jinx are her new favorite treat. She follows alllllll of the rules when I have one of those in hand lol.

Black and white pitbull wearing a red bandana around her neck

Published by Barry's in LIFESTYLE on October 21, 2020

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