Barry’s x Jinx

New York, Senior Instructor, Alycia Stevenin, met her pup, Pier, his Mom, and other littermates in November of 2010. Read on for her story.

Four white puppies in a metal playpen

Joey (Barry’s CEO) and I were heavily involved in animal rescue when we got a call that they needed fosters for a litter of 2-week old puppies.

White puppy laying on puppy pad

We immediately drove to Lancaster to pick them up and the rest is history, TEN years later!!

White puppy and man laying on a striped towel at a beach

I instantly fell in love with Pier because he was the runt and grump of the litter.

We love to go on walks, and when I say we love walks, I mean I love to go on walks. Ha! Pier hates his harness, but once I chase him down and wrangle him into it he loves going to Pastis and Motel Morris. He’s just like his mom!
We will exercise for food. I don’t eat meat, but Pier is a total carnivore and loves any kind of meaty snack. He’s obsessed with the Jinx chicken and mango treats!
Senior Instructor, Alycia Stevenin, holding her dog at a restaurant

Published by Barry's in LIFESTYLE on October 23, 2020

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