Barry’s x Celsius

Everyone’s got a vice, and for LA Senior Instructor, Andrew Nuñez, it’s Celcius. Have you tried it? Read on to find why Andrew loves it.

  • What’s your favorite way to fuel for a challenge? 

My favorite way to fuel is proper hydration, a small power snack, and of course 15-20 min before I  like to have a Celsius! 

  • What’s your favorite flavor of celsius?

I  honestly can’t pick just one so my two favorites would be, “Sparking Orange” and “Guava”.

  • What’s your favorite day of the week to teach?

My favorite day to teach is Tuesday’s (Full Body Lower Focus). Most might not be a big fan of a good leg day but Tuesday’s set the foundation for a strong body! You have to work out your legs!!!

  • How many celsius have you consumed in one day?

I like to keep myself to only one celsius a day even though there are times that I  need that afternoon to pick me up for that afternoon workout.

  • Why do you like the product?

I  can easily say the reason why I  choose Celsius for my pre-workout or just anytime pick me up, is because it won’t give you the jitters. I  know this product will deliver the energy I  need and never that crash I  don’t want. It provides the right kick to my workout and helps me level up to max out to my true potential.

Published by Barry's in LIFESTYLE on October 22, 2020

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