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Will I need to create a new login or can I use my old login info?

No! Your Existing Barry’s account and login information can be used for the Barry’s X app and all your bookings. 

Where do I purchase classes for Barry’s X?

Barry’s X memberships can be purchased at or with the assistance of one of our Xperts. In a pinch, memberships can also be purchased through the Barry’s X app. Barry’s X single class credits can only be purchased through the Barry’s X app. 

How much are Barry’s X memberships?

$39.99 per month for unlimited access to our Live X Classes, VOD, and Previously Live content! 

We also offer a $20 add on to in-studio memberships to access our Barry’s X VOD content (the add on does not include access to Live X Classes)

*Any in-studio class credits can also be used to book Barry’s X live classes

What’s the difference between Live X Classes and VOD content?

Our Live X Classes are scheduled and streamed from our studios live so you get real time interaction with the instructor and your fellow fitfam members! During these Live classes you can pin your friends in class to your screen and turn on a red filter so you get that red room feeling. After class you can unmute and talk to your instructor. 

Our VOD content is pre-recorded content that can be accessed at any time. Included in the VOD library are Previously Live Classes (recordings of our Live X Classes), Strength, Cardio, and Stretch classes of various lengths, and even audio only Run classes! 

Do Barry’s X classes count towards my Barry’s class count?

Live X Classes, taken at their scheduled times, count towards your total class count. You put in that work during one of our Live LIFT, LIFT x RUN, or RUN classes and it will count towards your total class count. We celebrate you and your milestones too! 

However, any VOD or Previously Live classes that you watch on your own do not count towards your total class count.

Why are there two different apps?

Barry’s X offers you the highest quality audio and video content for your live class experience. In order to do that, as well as offer all the other incredible features Barry’s X has to offer, we needed to build a new app from the ground up! Barry’s X is the place to book and take your Barry’s X classes as well as access our FitFam social network, connecting you with all your sweaty friends to you can sweat together in any live class you’d like. It’s also the place where you can access our extensive on-demand library any time you’d like. The original Barry’s app isn’t going anywhere and will be your one-stop shop for all things in-studio.

Can I access Barry’s X from my desktop computer?

Yes! Barry’s X classes can be taken from any mobile device or app with the Barry’s X app installed, or by visiting

What is the hybrid membership option?

Hybrid Memberships are in-studio memberships that also include access to our video on-demand content. Are you someone that comes to Barry’s in-person every day, but has the occasional business trip? Maybe your kids have a busy school schedule that gets in the way of your sweat? Now, you can access our extensive on-demand library from anywhere, on your schedule. Hybrid membership class credits can also be used to book Barry’s X Live Classes or can be combined with a Barry’s X Membership.

Can I freeze my Barry’s X Membership?

Given that Barry’s X classes are virtual and can be taken from anywhere, Barry’s X memberships can not be paused or frozen. If you need assistance with your membership, please reach out to [email protected]

How can I cancel my Barry’s X Membership?

Recurring membership renewals can be cancelled at any time! Simply email [email protected] for assistance. Please know that we are not able to offer refunds for unused class credits once a pay period has already begun.

What is the refund policy on Barry’s X memberships and classes?

Barry’s X Classes and Memberships are non-refundable. Recurring membership renewals can be cancelled at any time by emailing [email protected]

What is the cancellation policy for Barry’s X Live Classes?

Barry’s X classes must be cancelled outside of a 12 hour window prior to class start time to avoid penalty. 

Do I need to turn my camera on during a LIVE Barry’s X class?

That is entirely your call. During class, you have the choice to have your camera visible by the whole class, by just the instructor, or off completely. Having your camera on allows you to have the full Barry’s X experience of being able to receive form correction and encouragement from the instructor. Barry’s X is like a concert – it’s best in a group! But if you wanna rock out on your own, that’s completely fine, too. 

I bought a membership with On-Demand access, but can’t access the On-Demand content! Help!

On demand access will become available once your membership is activated, which happens once you take your first live class. So jump in there, get that sweat on, and then check out the incredible on-demand library!

How often will VOD be updated?

Constantly! At minimum, we will be seeing new VOD videos posted every week. Instructors are creating new content on a daily basis and we can’t wait to continue to grow our library!

What equipment will I need to take Barry’s X Live Classes and Barry’s X On-Demand?

Barry’s X classes are designed to be taken from anywhere! Our instructors will be using our signature Barry’s benches and Woodway Treadmills, but you are absolutely able to modify and improvise, as needed – working from the floor instead of a bench or running outside instead of a treadmill. As far as the heavy lifting, we recommend having a set of medium weights and a set of heavy weights at home, as well as a resistance band. Any and all of this equipment (with the exception of the treadmills…) can be purchased in our Barry’s Shop:



We have released new music options on Barry’s X allowing you to tailor your music experience in the digital Red Room  including

  • Enhanced audio controls
  • Choose between Barry’s Radio or connect to your own music app and playlists using apps like Spotify or Apple Music.

More details on the changes can be found on our the Barry’s X Music FAQs

How can I guarantee the best quality viewing experience when taking Barry’s X classes from a desktop computer?

We have a few tips for you:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome
  • Be sure to close out other tabs/programs
  • Check that your chrome settings allow you to share your camera/microphone
  • If having a video/audio trouble, simply refresh the browser

How can I guarantee the best quality viewing experience when taking Barry’s X classes on the Barry’s X app?

We recommend making sure that you are running on the most up-to-date version of the Barry’s X app. If you’re not sure, double check in the App Store or Google Play for any updates.

How do I share my camera when using the Barry’s X app so the instructor can see me?

First, check your privacy settings within the app. You’ll want to make sure that you turn off the “Camera Always Off,” option. 

Is Screen Mirroring / Airplay / Casting available for Barry’s X?

Each device is a little different. Here’s what we know:

For web browsers:

  • Live Classes – Chrome Casting and Airplay supported for Google Chrome
  • VOD Classes – Chrome Casting and Airplay supported for Google Chrome

For iOS devices:

  • Live Classes – Airplay and cable connection are not supported for live classes. However, Screen Mirroring will work. 
  • VOD Classes – Airplay and Screen Mirroring are supported for VOD classes. 

For Android devices:

  • Live Classes – Casting is not supported for Live classes. However, Screen mirroring will work.
  • VOD Classes – Casting and Screen Mirroring are not supported for VOD classes.

For Bluetooth devices:

  • Supported on Android devices!
  • Supported on iOS devices for apple products (i.e. AirPods)
  • Using non-apple products for iOS devices is not supported

Can I access Barry’s X from my desktop computer?

Yes! Barry’s X classes can be taken from any mobile device or app with the Barry’s X app installed, or by visiting

I bought a Barry’s X Membership through the Barry’s X app and don’t have any classes on my account! Help!

Classes purchased through the Barry’s X app are processed externally through iTunes or through the Google Play store. For that reason, there might be a slight delay in those classes making their way to your account. In some circumstances, it can take 12 to 24 hours to see those classes in your account, but your VOD access will be available immediately. If you are not seeing your classes 24 hours after purchase, please reach out to [email protected]

My friends are trying to add me as a friend and we can’t find each other! Help!

Barry’s X has privacy settings that keep you in full control over who can see you in the app. If your friends are not able to see you, please head to settings, then privacy, then make sure you’re able to be seen “By Everyone.” 

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