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When my career as an All-American, Ivy League swimmer ended, I naturally gravitated toward group fitness classes. I’ve been rocking a headset and high pony ever since. Best compliment I’ve ever received? I’m “the apex predator of fitness instructors.”

My vibrant personality and killer playlists make my classes inspiring, challenging, and fun. I love creating that chill-inducing magic that brings out the best in everyone who steps foot into the Red Room.

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Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle




That post-class vibe when everyone feels stronger, happier, and more centered than when they walked in.

Music Style

I pride myself in creating eclectic, Shazam-worthy playlists. My music style is a mix of trap, hip hop, rap, soca, deep house, dirty bass drops, and absolute bangers I’ve picked up from my travels around the world.

Dream Location

Rio de Janeiro, Santorini, and/or the Seychelles.

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