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At 18 years old, I moved to NYC to follow my dreams in the Broadway world as and actress, singer and dancer. This path pressured me to fit that perfect size — but the truth is, it’s not about size — it’s about being healthy and strong. After discovering my huge love for the fitness world, I wanted to inspire other people around me to be powerful physically and mentally to overcome those challenges life throws at you. Barry’s couldn’t have been a more perfect combination of my two passions – music and fitness! In my classes, you’ll lift heavier and run faster than you thought possible. I want you to leave the Red Room on a serious endorphin high feeling fitter, sexier, stronger version of yourself.





Get out of your comfort zone - push yourself beyond your limits: this is where improvements and changes happen.

Music Style

My pop and commercial tunes will make you sweat with style.

Guilty Pleasure

Gelato (every cream flavour, no fruit for me please).

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