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Anything you put your mind to is accomplishable. Pave your road, push through the bumps, and surprise yourself. Growing up in a small town (Lake Tahoe, USA) with big dreams and big ambitions, I have made my wildest dreams come true. From being drafted by the Chicago White Sox (professional baseball), to moving halfway across the world and living in London on a whim. Fitness has, and always will be, my constant.
Each workout is just another chance you can prove something to yourself, even by just walking into the room.





My inspiration is every person who steps in the door with the mindset of
improving themselves. Nothing compares to someone determined to make a change in their life, and it keeps me striving for more growth in myself.


Chips, French Fries or Popcorn… not in any particular order… I just love carbs

Favourite Day

Thursdays! Helps create the base of all strength.

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