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Soccer has always been my biggest passion.

I played professionally until suffering a career-ending injury. During that time, I had to learn on my own that to obtain results and overcome difficulties there is only one way: working hard and never give up.

After I was forced to quit my football career, I decided to become a personal trainer and dedicate my life to fitness and training other people. With my clients, I love to share all my passion and knowledge, helping them improve their lifestyle and achieve their desired results.

I love working at Barry’s because, come on, it’s the best workout in the world. I will push you through your limits, pumping the best tunes and making you sweat like never before. It will be fun. Take my word for it!



City Life, Senato


Happiness is found in progress!

Music Style

Anything that boosts your mood, like Techno and House music.

Guilty Pleasure

Pizza, of course, I am from Napoli.

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