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My two passions have always been music and movement. Growing up, I studied classical violin, piano, voice and dance. In an attempt to fuse my careers, I graduated from The Randolph Academy of Performing Arts. After an exciting but brief theatre stint, I realized I still wasn’t fulfilled. Too broke for a gym and desperately craving movement, I bought a kettle bell. My fitness obsession was born and my whole life changed. Within a year and a half, I was certified and successfully running my own personal training business. Soon after, I added music-driven group fitness to my arsenal; the perfect union of both of my passions. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to live, train and teach group fitness internationally in London, NYC and Zurich and, now, back home with the best in Toronto.
See you in the Red Room.

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Yorkville, Richmond


My mom, my clients & my colleagues.

Guilty Pleasure

DONUTS Music: That kind that makes you want to work (think EDM, trap, dirty drops and, just when you think you're not gonna make it, I'll give you something to sing along to.


Knowing the difference between "I can't" vs "I won't".

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