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After years as a Barry’s client, I left the business world to pursue my passion for fitness and my love for Barry’s. In addition to teaching, I’m Director of Barry’s Mid-Atlantic Region. I hold an ACE fitness certification, a bachelor’s degree from Cornell and an MBA from Northwestern.

My classes are meticulously crafted so that you get an exceptional workout and an unforgettable experience. I’m tough but supportive, and the driving beat of my coveted playlists will push you through the finish line!

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Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle


I’m inspired by every person who walks through our doors and pushes past discomfort to find they’re capable of much more than they ever imagined. That lesson doesn’t stop outside of the Red Room!

Music Style

The best current and throw back pop remixes - shiny and bright to start, with deep, hard beats to get you through those final sprints.

Checking Out

Big, friendly smile (and my adorable pooch, Kylie!)

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