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Three words to describe my teaching style would be empowering, energetic and cheerful. My classes are upbeat and inclusive so you can expect regardless of fitness background or experience I expect all clients to HAVE FUN in the Red Room. Whether you are working hard to improve your fitness, vibing to uplifting beats, or there to catch up with friends- expect to get sweaty and feel those endorphins kick in! My favorite day of the week is Wednesday CHEST, BACK, ABS and my playlist genre of choice is Dance-Hits/ House-Remixes/ Hip-Hop / Pop-Music.

On a personal note, I can’t live without Daily SAUNA sweat-session and my guilty pleasure is over-priced massages! My friends would say I’m a fun-loving, positive guy who welcomes old and new friends to the party! I want everyone to feel seen, heard, and comfortable to be themselves. .

Instagram: @hazer_sd


San Diego

San Diego

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