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Who said you can’t get fit with a smile on your face? Get ready to dance, laugh, and get your workout on burn with this Cowboy. My name is Gage Robinson, and I’m here to get you to where you wanna be. After coaching swimming for 10 years, I decided to dry off and focus on the weight room. It’s my goal to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves, starting with fitness. There is no greater treasure in life than watching someone thrive because they CHOSE to. Now let’s get to that six pack…

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South Bay

South Bay

Long Beach

Long Beach


I’ve always been inspired Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His love for life shines through his rigorous workouts and his devilishly handsome smile. His story proves that no matter where we start, we all have the ability and talent to become something great.

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My blue eyes. I got ‘em from my nana.


I can always find the silver lining…. And I cook a mean steak.

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