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Growing up, I was the kid playing sports year-round. This kickstarted my passion for fitness and lead me into a Kinesiology program in university where I learned all about body mechanics and health sciences. After school, I spent a year travelling (soul searching) and came home to become a Holistic Nutritionist and group fitness instructor!

Through different phases of life, fitness and nutrition have remained constant – making me happy and energized! At Barry’s I hope to inspire others to become faster, stronger, happier and connected! In my classes you can expect high energy, some serious beat drops, and nightclub vibes. I’ll kick your ass in the best way possible and be your hype girl along the way! I want you to leave the red room feeling accomplished and riding an endorphin high like no other!

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Super-seed cookies - I’ll share the recipe!

Favourite Day

Ass and Abs, for sure.


This is tough right now, but I will get stronger.

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