Headshot of Barry's Bootcamp instructor Clay Rule shirtless holding a dumbbell vertically against a white background.
Headshot of Barry's Bootcamp instructor Clay Rule shirtless punching with dumbbells in hand against a white background.


Get to know me

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I played almost every sport until Sophomore year of High School when I broke both my collar bones which led to running competitively. I continued my love of running on the University of Southern California’s Track & Field team. After graduating, I moved to NYC and my passion for running continued. This led me to compete in Iron Mans, and I still run 30+ miles a week. It was in NYC where I discovered Barry’s. I am happy to be home and love my full-time job working on the Barry’s Corporate team and as an instructor.

In the Red Room, I want to share my passion for running with every client.  Expect to push beyond what you thought was possible. Want to hit 4 miles in my class? I’ll help you get there.


Los Angeles

Venice, West Hollywood


Breaking limits. Seeing clients run faster, lift heavier, and live healthier inspires me to do the same.

Music Style

A perfect combination of modern electronic / hip-hop music with plenty of beats, drops, and lyrics that will take your workout to the next level.

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