Barry's instructor Chris Reid wearing black barry's tank
Barry's instructor Chris Reid wearing black barry's tank


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I was a Division 1 basketball player for Purdue University, earning trips to the NCAA Tournament and Sweet Sixteen while winning the Big Ten championship for two years running. After Purdue, I took my basketball career overseas for a bit and then played semi-professionally here in the states. I independently personal train and I’m eager to bring my knowledge and dedication to you, in hopes of changing your life by challenging your heart, mind, and body through the act of grueling, inventive workouts.

I pride myself on motivating those around me through confidence and competition. I believe we all hold the drive in our minds and hearts to break through any physical barrier. In my class, you’re a part of a team of hard working warriors who’ll sweat hard, work hard, and leave as professional athletes! Spartans, are you ready!? Hoorah!

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Northern California

FiDi, SoMa, Marina


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If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you


Sleeping... for extended periods of time

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