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Helping others achieve happier and healthier lives has always been my goal. Just three years ago, I was working in the ER and preparing for medical school. Choosing fitness over medicine was a huge leap of faith, but it has been a life-changing journey, and I’ve never looked back!

As a former volleyball player, runner, and surfer, I channel my passion for fitness through teaching. Seeing people push past their fears inspires me every day to do the same. I don’t just love to make you smile — I want to motivate you to reach for goals you never thought possible. So, let’s get in the Red Room, sweat it out as a team, and achieve those goals together!

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Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Santana Row

Santana Row


My family and the incredibly talented, ridiculously good-looking Barry’s Bay Area team!

Guilty Pleasure

SEPHORA! Let’s talk about skin care or makeup.

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