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My goal is simple — to help you have the best workout ever. I love acai bowls, kombucha, and raw chocolate. No matter the weather, you can always find me whipping around the city on my bike. I have an insatiable itch for travel, so I always make it a point to explore new destinations. Also, I’ve never met a high five I didn’t like!

The goal in my class is to help you find the barrier… and then break it down! Run through the finish line, not to it! Being great is a decision. What you do in the Red Room translates to the rest of the day, so work as hard as you can and decide to be awesome. Crush it! Turn up. Go HAM!

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Being an agent of change. Knowing that everyone who walks out after my class has improved. They get stronger... and I get stronger.

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Whoever said,


Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Ninja, Superfoodoligist, and Expert Hugger.

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