Tell us about yourself: 

I’m the Senior Director of Digital Talent & Strategy as well as an instructor at Barry’s. I fell in love with Barry’s while I was working in finance and it’s a huge part of why I decided to spend the rest of my life helping people through the power of fitness. My role at Barry’s is basically the best mix between Olivia Pope, Hermione Granger, and Jane Fonda. 

Walk us through a typical day – from waking up to how you fuel your workouts to what it’s like to lead a Barry’s class.

I start my day around 6 am with mindfulness (journaling/meditation) and either teaching in our new Barry’s X Live Studio or taking class in the Red Room. Leading a Barry’s class is like throwing a fitness rager (endorphins are the party favor)—I love our Barry’s community and we all earn our yummy post-workout shakes as a team. After class, I spend my day working on content strategy, filming workouts with trainers around the country, and working cross-functionally with my incredible teammates to continue building and improving the Barry’s X experience for our clients and talent. In the evenings I usually like to take another workout break, make something delicious (I’m an air fryer master), and spend time with my partner watching Netflix.

What are some of our favorite shakes at the fuel bar and what are their benefits? (pls mention ritual)!

Hands down my favorite shake is the Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter with Ritual Protein. Sometimes I add a little spinach to feel like I’m adulting. It’s really important to refuel within 30 minutes of working out to improve muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and help your body get ready to work out again!

How do you stay motivated/consistent with being active (even on days when it’s extra hard)?

Tactically–I plan out my workouts for the week and put them in my calendar. Reducing the time I have to spend thinking about “what to do” helps me stay efficient and consistent. Emotionally–The beautiful thing is I’m a true believer in the idea that fitness changes your life. Whenever I feel disconnected, going to work out is a reminder of my “why” and that other people need the power of fitness too. It’s easy to get motivated when I think about the necessity of self-care, my happiness, and the productivity boost I get from working out. 

Fun fact? 

My full name is 27 letters. Graduations were always fun.


Published by Barry's in NUTRITION on August 16, 2021

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